Keeping Your Wrought Iron Furniture Glowing

wrought iron furnitureWrought iron is an alloy of iron that is extremely durable and is used to make metal furniture.Wrought iron outdoor furniture are timeless pieces that are passed on from generation to generation.They are elegant, strong and add class to the home decor.Wrought iron furniture are weather-resistant and can, therefore, be kept outdoors.However, wrought iron furniture is highly susceptible to rusting and corrosion.

Wrought iron repair is very difficult, which is why proper care and maintenance is quite essential.Below are some simple ways to care for this furniture and retain its original beauty.

Clean it once in a while

Dilute a bit of soap or detergent with lukewarm water and dip a cleaning sponge into it.Use the sponge to rub the furniture to get rid of dirt debris, grime and dust.Dry it immediately with a dry cloth, towel or tissues to remove excess water and prevent rusting.Apply auto wax and liquid furniture spray at least twice a year to keep it sparkling and glowing.Clean the outdoor furniture once every month to enhance longevity.

Cover the furniture

It is highly recommended to cover completely the outdoor furniture to avoid contact with water.The covers are designed and made from non-absorbent materials such as canvas.Covering the furniture also helps to protect the coating from the damage of the sun.The covers are found in many garden shops and other outlets.

Check the furniture regularly for chipped paint and scratches

Iron garden furniture set.Once an exposed patch is discovered, wash the area with lukewarm detergent solution and wipe it dry with a piece of cloth.Find wrought iron suppliers and get an exterior metal paint to repair the chipped paint and scratches.Always ensure the paint used is rust-resistant.You can also use tarpaulin sheets to cover your furniture.

Not Recommended

Never put the wrought iron furniture in direct contact with soil.Soil is rich in moisture and can easily corrode the furniture’s legs even when coated.

Never hide the rust by applying a coat of painting.After a couple of months, the rust reappears again.It is recommended to get rid of the rust stains by using a piece of sandpaper or a wire brush before applying the paint coating.The furniture can also be disassembled to remove rust from the joints.

Wrought iron outdoor furniture if well maintained is perfect for an ideal backyard and adds elegance to your outdoor entertainment.

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