All You Needs To Know About Wooden Outdoor Furniture

wooden furnitureProper furnishing of the outdoor space is key to enhance the aesthetics of your home. By choosing the right furnishing you can make your outdoor area a livable and comfortable extension of the home. Almost all homeowners would agree that attractiveness and durability are the two qualities that outdoor furniture must possess. This is why wooden outdoor furniture is immensely popular among most homeowners.

Pros of wooden outdoor furniture

1. Style – The look and feel of wood is all-natural, which makes it an ideal candidate for outdoor furniture. Also, wood furniture is easy to paint, which allows you to use virtually any color on them to complement your outdoor space. If you decide to go for natural finish, most wooden furniture develop a rich color as they mature and all they require is regular polishing.

2. Weather resilience – If you decide to go for furniture made from Teak or Cedar, you can expect high durability. These trees produce natural enzymes that secrete antibacterial oil and protects the wood from decay. This quality of wooden outdoor furniture makes it an ideal all-weather furniture.

3. Durability – In addition to weather resilience, wooden furniture is highly durable. There is no chance of any corrosion, flaking, etc. When made from premium quality trees, wooden furniture is solid, and can stand the test of weather, time and even rowdy teens and naughty kids.

Cons of wooden outdoor furniture

1. Maintenance – Wooden furniture can sustain much harsher weather conditions than any other type of furniture, but they require regular maintenance when kept outdoors. The maintenance costs are not high, but you need to be consistent with maintenance schedule.

2. Price – If you decide to buy a good quality wooden furniture for outdoors, they can be expensive. Although they will last for a lifetime, they will require a significant initial investment.

Tips for choosing best outdoor furniture

table and chairsWooden furniture can enhance the authenticity of any outdoor space, but it is always tough to choose the best wooden furniture for outdoors. Therefore, you need to start by deciding what type of wood you would prefer for your outdoor furniture. If you want to have an all-natural look, go for Cedar or Teak furniture. Similarly, you can expect better durability from furniture made of Cypress, sturdiness and power from Alder, and enhanced endurance from Brazilian Cherry. If you want to get unique looks, Mahogany is the best option.

After deciding the type of wood, you will need to create a list of furniture items you require. There will be plenty of alternatives to choose from, but only buy what complements your outdoor decor and fulfill all your needs.

Some maintenance tips

To keep your wooden outdoor furniture looking its best, you must follow a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule. Wood furniture can be protected by applying exterior grade varnish. Coating of such a varnish allows you to wash your wooden furniture with soapy water, followed by rinsing soap out using clean water.

It is better to store wooden furniture indoors during winter, unless your furniture is made from Cedar or Teak. Also, it is better to cover your wooden furniture when it is not in use, as it will protect it from rain and other such elements.

Wooden outdoor furniture gives an authentic feel to any outdoor space. The elegance, robustness and durability of wood makes it an ideal material for outdoor furniture. However, you must make sure that you get the best quality as well.

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