Cast Aluminum Outdoor Furniture

Aluminium chairCast aluminum is a fantastic option especially when it comes to outdoor furniture. The metal is processed by pouring molten aluminum into molds to create the desired pieces. This is the reason why the process is commonly referred to as casting. Cast aluminum outdoor furniture features classic styles and traditional design elements thus making them a favorite and popular furniture option. Highlighted below are some of the benefits it provides.

1. Long lasting and Durable

Outdoor furniture made from the metal is completely solid, designed to endure harsh weather elements, and exceptionally sturdy. Therefore, you can expect the furniture to provide good service for at least 20 years.

2. Cannot Rust

aluminum table and chairsThis attribute is particularly essential in areas that experience moisture. So, you can choose outdoor furniture made using the material. Furthermore, it will serve you well in coastal regions or areas with high levels of humidity.

3. You can choose a variety of styles

Whether you prefer traditional or trendy styles, you will certainly find a design that perfectly complements your decor while still providing unique style. You can choose from a variety of outdoor furniture pieces such as dining chairs, outdoor dining tables, bar stools, swivel rockers, and many more.

4. Available in many color options

Technological advancements made with powder coating means there are endless choices particularly with regard to color options. Furthermore, the furniture pieces are also presented with a textured finish for people who prefer a classic look.

Care and Maintenance

To clean cast aluminum outdoor furniture, clean the frames once in a while with warm water mixed together with liquid detergent. Once you are through, rinse thoroughly. The majority of stains can easily be removed using water and mild soap. However, if you are dealing with stubborn stains, use a sponge.

If you wish to preserve the paint finish through winter periods, it is advisable that you apply winterized outdoor furniture cover. However, the furniture pieces should only be covered when they are completely dry.

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