Plastic Outdoor Furniture – Pros and Cons

plastic lounge chairPlastic outdoor furniture is generally light weight in nature and this makes it perfect for moving around from one area to another. Furthermore, it copes amazingly with all harsh weather elements. This, combined with the fact that they are very affordable has made them a popular option for outdoor furniture. Even so, its main virtue is its durable nature. Outlined below are some of the pros and cons of plastic outdoor furniture. So, continue reading to find out more.


1. Versatile and Resilient
The popularity of outdoor plastic furnitue can be attributed to its resilience and versatility. When you purchase plastic furniture for outdoor use, you can rest assurd knowing they will last many years before an upgrade is necessary. These qualities make it an ideal choice for use outdoors where it can survive harsh weather elements and the onslaughts of your kids.

2. Remains Hardy During Winter
This reslience is attributed to the plastic resin used for creating the furniture. It is a substance known as polypropylene that makes plastic furniture durable and tough even in super cold winters. Consequently, plastic furniture can stay outdoors throughout the year. In fact, very few garden chairs and tables can match the robustness provided by plastic outdoor furniture.

3. Resistant to Rainfall
plastic furnitureOther than being resistant to exteme winter weather, plastic furniture is also known to be impervious to water. Therefore, you do not need to fear even when your plastic furniture is drenched in rain. The plastic resin is capable of surviving rain for days without warping, rotting, or even degrading. Even though the surface could possibly get stained after a period of time, the staining can be cleaned off quite easily.


Ultraviolet Sensitivity
If you are planning on purchasing a sun lounger for instance, it is important to note that plastic resin used for making plastic furniture is vulnerable to sunlight. The polypropylen could easily breaddown particularly when exposed to strong sunlight for a long time.

General Care Tips

Having considered the pros and cons of plastic outdoor chairs, it is important to remember the care and maintenance procedure as well especially if you wish to make them last even longer. Luckily, plastic chairs used outdoors require very minimal maintenance. Even so, you will need to carry out care to keep them in tip top shape. So, you can clean the plastic chairs and tables wit some soapy water every once in a while. From the pros and cons mentioned, plastic chairs and tables are perfect for outdoors use.

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