How to restore wrought iron furniture

Iron garden furniture set.Wrought iron furniture are very durable, but after many years of use and being exposed to different conditions they can develop chips and rust spots. Nevertheless, with a few proper tools and some time to spare restoring the product back to its original state won’t be a problem.


I. Start by scrapping off the existing coat finish along with its rust and dirt. Based on the overall size of your furniture, you may either use a sander to perform this task or buy a chemical rust remover from the nearest home-improvement store. Whichever technique is used, just ensure that you remove all the old finishing up to the plain metal.

II. Remove excess fragments. After completing the first stage, rinse your furniture well so as to remove any debris particles that could have been left behind. Then dry it with a towel before proceeding to the subsequent stage.

III. Apply rust-resistant primer on the surface to help prevent future erosion and prolong the lifespan of your furniture. Thereafter, put a new sheet of coat using special paint that’s specifically made for metals. Though ordinary wall-paints may also work, they are usually not recommended since they tend to wear out fast.

IV. Add a double-layer top coat using quality water-based acrylic, this will protect the wrought iron from external weather elements that may otherwise affect its longevity.

Alternative home-based renewal techniques:

Sometimes it can be expensive to use industrial materials to bring your furniture back to life, however, there are certain home-based methods that are affordable and anyone can try them out.wrought iron furniture

a) Mix a few drops of dish-washing soap into a bucket of clean water. Dip a piece of cloth into the solution then gently wipe down the metal surface. Clean hidden nooks & crannies using a typical toothbrush. Add some small amount of turpentine to a steel wool pad then scrub off the bad paint.

b) Next, use a heavy grit sand paper material to scrape out all the dried-in rust elements from your wrought iron. Continue this process until all the old paint debris is completely removed, then change to a medium-grit sand paper for a smoother finish.

c) Dip a clean rug into some soapy water then wipe off the resulting dust particles from your iron metal, continue with this process until it’s thoroughly cleaned.

d) Apply tape on all the areas which you don’t want to paint using the primer. Likewise, place the material in a well-ventilated place and on newspaper layers, so that you won’t paint anything that you should not. For safety purposes, it’s advisable to wear a painter’s mask to avoid inhaling the paint fumes.

e) Finish the process by spraying an enamel paint color on top of your primer and acrylic topcoat for protection. Allow the wrought metal to dry overnight before use.


If the correct materials are used to restore your furniture then it can last for even more than two decades. The ultimate success of repair depends solely on the quality of paint & finishing used.

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