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How To Clean And Restore Wooden Furniture

wooden furnitureYou may have a piece of slightly worn, scratched or soiled wooden furniture that needs to be restored so as to enhance its beauty. Stripping and refinishing the furniture is a time consuming process and is often not essential to restore the furniture to its near-original state. This article aims to familiarize you with a few methods of cleaning and restoring your wooden furniture which will help you to retain the original character of the piece of furniture.

These methods to be employed include cleaning the furniture, abrasion, over-coating with a new finish, re-amalgamation, padding and patching. Each of these processes is briefly explained below:

Cleaning the furniture

Cleaning and washing the wooden furniture depends on the type of dirt that has to be removed from the surfaces. It is important that water is used sparingly for cleaning up the dirt as it can loosen the glue that binds the wooden pieces together. Most commonly a mixture of gum turpentine, boiled linseed oil and hot water is used. A soft cloth dipped in the mixture and wrung out can be used to wipe the furniture. It is then buffed up using dry cloth. Cleaning removes accumulated soil, oils and built up polishes.

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All You Needs To Know About Wooden Outdoor Furniture

wooden furnitureProper furnishing of the outdoor space is key to enhance the aesthetics of your home. By choosing the right furnishing you can make your outdoor area a livable and comfortable extension of the home. Almost all homeowners would agree that attractiveness and durability are the two qualities that outdoor furniture must possess. This is why wooden outdoor furniture is immensely popular among most homeowners.

Pros of wooden outdoor furniture

1. Style – The look and feel of wood is all-natural, which makes it an ideal candidate for outdoor furniture. Also, wood furniture is easy to paint, which allows you to use virtually any color on them to complement your outdoor space. If you decide to go for natural finish, most wooden furniture develop a rich color as they mature and all they require is regular polishing.

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